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Dream Shakin’ in 2015

2 Aug



I’m a Level 15 in Hinkieology

27 Feb

Allen Iverson Is Once Again A Sixer

2 Dec

Turning garbage into gold, Ed Stefanski just signed Iverson to a non-guaranteed contract!  Anyone pumped?

Sixers/Magic Game 6 Quick Hits

30 Apr

– Great perimeter defense guys! Just stellar!

– 40.7% shooting.  Hot.

– The Magic had 31 assists.  31.  Wow, what a number.  Kudos go out to the Magic for stepping up without Courtney Lee and Dwight Howard.  J.J. Reddick went 5 of 7 from three-point land, and Rashard Lewis scored 29 points to just bury the Sixers.

– 2009 is over. Looking forward to next year and the possibility that this team will be sans Willie Green. The man brings nothing of value to the table that I can see.

– Elton Brand can really wear a suit, huh?

Sixers/Magic Game 2: Splittin’ Ain’t Bad

23 Apr

split it and click it!

Sixers/Magic Game 1: DO YOU LOVE IT?!

20 Apr

Zumoff went crazy on the call, and so did I! click here!

Sixers Defeat Cavaliers JV 111-110

16 Apr

witness the sixers reaching .500. click here