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No Longer Making Mistakes, Simply Bored

14 Mar

So I’ve decided to stop updating this thing. I still follow the Phillies, Sixers, entertainment and mindless crap, but I simply can’t update in a timely enough manner to make it interesting or worthwhile for others.  There are plenty of blogs where I will continue to get my info and laughs (read: click on the links on the right and on the links page).

However, I will be updating my other blog with another somewhat lame title, I’m So Bored This Actually Became Interesting.  It’s a good dumping ground for mindless entertainment, and I may post the occasional sports topic as well. So check it out in your spare time and thanks so much for reading this spot over the years.

And I still have my twitter feed at twitter.com/hugetinymistake


Brett Fuckin’ Favre Is In Minnesota

18 Aug


Brett Favre Refuses To Make Up His Fucking Mind

7 May

Brett Favre is, once again, toying with coming out of retirement.  This time he’s in legitimate serious talks with Minnoseta Vikings’ head coach  Brad Childress, who was forced to throw Tarvaris Jackson out there for the entirety of last season.  That folly showed itself in the Vikings’ playoff game against the Philadelphia Eagles, so one could see why Childress would jump at the chance in fielding a hall of famer.  However, this hall of famer? Not if they want to win.  It didn’t work for the Jets last year, as he wilted down the stretch.  His age showed, as did his poor decisions.

Brett Favre is done.  It’s over Brett.  No offense, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t be allowed to play, but this back-and-forth in regards to retirement has to stop.  You’re worse than an old boxer.