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AME Mother Emmanuel

26 Jun

President Obama eulogizes state Senator Clementa Pickney:


Cole Hamels, 1, The Phanatic, And A Mustache Fire Hot Dogs At A Baseball Game

30 Mar

that ol’ joke


Game 5 Phillies Vs Dodgers: King Cole Hamels To Rule Them All

21 Oct

And his kingdom is Philadelphia.  Defend your throne, sir.

Phillies/Rockies Roundup: Another Day, Another Comeback

13 Apr

The Phillies won’t die, now sit at .500.  If you still believe, click here and comment.

Cole Hamels’ Debut May Be Delayed Five Days

24 Mar

click here, king cole hamels commands it

Don’t Jump Off The Ledge Just Yet, Cole Hamels Is Fine

18 Mar

If you want relief, click here

Cole Hamels Is Having Elbow Discomfort

17 Mar

Everything’s going to be fine if you click this link