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I’m Cosmo Kramer, The Assman

19 Jun

Bill Cosby the Rapist

11 Jan

The Premiere of Weird Al’s Word Crimes

15 Jul

No Matter What a Stripper Tells You

29 Jun

There’s no Sex in the Champagne Room.

Easy YouTube Post #2: Joe Rogan Calls Out Carlos Mencia

11 Jun

Carlos Mencia’s blown up in the last five years, due to calling people ‘beaners’ and blurting out unfunny racial jokes.  He started getting comedy specials, had a show on Comedy Central, and became a household name.  He even mainstreamed his stupid ‘dee dee dee’ catchphrase. Joe Rogan, also a comedian,  took issue with some of Mencia’s jokes, mainly because other comics told them first.  This all came to a head at The Comedy Store, where Mencia was performing.  Joe decided to amp things up a bit:

Ricky Gervais And Stephen Merchant Are Relieving For Comedy

24 Mar


Ricky Gervais Will Be On Sesame Street

17 Mar

I haven’t watched an episode of Sesame Street in 15 years, but next season has at least one must-see episode, as Ricky Gervais, funniest man in the world, is guesting.  His laugh is absolutely infectious.