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Saturday Morning Comics #72: Anthropomorphic

14 Apr

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QUESTION: Who is your favorite anthropomorphic superhero or comic book character?

Toymaster – Beta Ray Bill
Coiny – Detective Chimp; TMNT
Kyle! – Gorilla Grodd
Tugboat – Ch’p
Strike Master – Blacksad


Game Theorists


Toymaster – Dr. Fate’s 24k gold helmet; X-Men ’92 #1; Doctor Fate #1
Coiny – America vs JSA TP; Ghostbusters: Get Real #1; Howard the Duck: Complete Collection Vol 1
Kyle! – Bombshell’s Catwoman; Cover Girl Bleez statue; Garage Harley Quinn statue; 1872 #1
Silver Fox – Midnighter #1; Korvac Saga #1; Omega Men
Strike Master – Black Hammer #1; Strange Fruit #1; Giant Size Little Marvel AvX; Marvel Star Wars Covers Vol 1
Tugboat – Batman Animated Series Batmobile; Batman Adventure action figures; Megatron collectible


12 min – WEEKLY ROUNDUP – Man sues over PGX grading of a comic
– 28 min – Goku changes form in Dragon Ball Z
-29 min – FCBD on May 2nd, 2015; Ben Caldwell in attendance at 1up Collectibles
32min – PREVIEWS
57min – Southern Bastards #8
1:04min – Frankenstein #1
1:14min – Sinestro Annual #1
1:28min – Arkham Manor: Endgame #1
1:37min – Dying & the Dead #2
1:48min – Batman and Robin #40
1:55min – Zombies Hate Kung Fu #2
2:00min – Lady Killer #4


Saturday Morning Comics #23: Legs Wide Open

22 Mar

SMEs picks: 1. Fantastic Four #2
2.Superior Foes of Spider-Man #9
3. Hawkeye #17
OGN of the week: Ant Colony by Michael DeForge

COCs picks: 1. Superman/Wonderwoman #5
2.Nightwing #29
3.Magnus Robot Figher #1

Kyle’s! picks: 1. Captain Marvel #1
2. Avengers Undercover #1

Thank you 1up Collectibles!

Saturday Morning Comics #21: 21 And Over

9 Mar

Silver Fox’s picks: 1. his couch cushions
2. fleece blanket
3. darkness provided by his eyelids

COCs picks:1. Thunder Agents #6
2. Doc Savage #3
3. Miracleman #3

SMEs picks: 1. Fantastic Four #1
2. Black Science #4
3. Chew #40


The Best Single-Issue Comics Of 2012

27 Dec

NOTE: of what i’ve read

Best Single Issue of 2012

1. FF #23 (Marvel) – Pure, glorious fun with an emotional center. This is comics. This is the perfect sendoff for Jonathan Hickman’s amazing, almost 4 year long run on the Fantastic Four franchise.

2. Wolverine and the X-Men #17 (Marvel) DOOP! Great to find out the backstory of one of X-Statix’s orphans.

3. Saga #6 (Image) – Space opera meets frank nudity, violence and sex while still managing to remain grounded with humor and humanity. Amazing stuff, and wraps up the first arc spendidly.

4. Secret Agent Poyo #1 (Image) Noticing a trend yet? Another ‘fun’ entry, celebrating all that is the art of comics. A one-off pulled from the pages of the terrific Chew, SA Poyo delves into what he does when he’s NOT saving the department.

5. Hawkeye #3 (Marvel) Rarely has a comic re-invigorated a character such as this one. It’s made many a non-fan go, ‘oh, so THAT’S why Hawkeye’s a badass. Having David Aja pen it just seals it.

6. Manhattan Projects #6 – Seeing the scientific revolution from the Russian side has never been so gripping, and heart-wrenching, as the protagonist is never free to pursue what he DOESN’T want to do with his talents.

7. Fantast Four #604 (Marvel) – The Fantastic Four. The Future Foundation. Doctor Doom. Celestials. Future Richards’ kids. And then, ‘come to me, my Galactus’. Phrase of the year. Arc of the year.

8. The New Deadwardians #1 (DC) – Knowing of Dan Abnett’s work mostly only through his Guardians of the Galaxy run with Marvel, one could be surprised how starkly DIFFERENT this comic was. Somewhat slowly-paced yet still engrossing, the comic introduces us to the world of an undead detective who is decidedly blue-blood English.

9. Wonder Woman #11 (DC) – Brian Azzarello’s Wonder Woman learns to become a fighting machine while battling her mother Hera and her many God siblings. Magnificant art caps it.

10. (tie) Wolverine and the X-Men #19 (Marvel) Kitty Pryde searches for a new teacher for the school. Hilarity ensues with the various heroes who apply for the job.
10. (tie) The Unwritten #36 (DC) The underlying theme throughout this series remains the same, that stories can be created, and destroyed. Paulie the Bunny’s story continues. One of the gruffest bunnies you’ll ever meet, he treks across the vast landscape to find his home, and his real self.