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The Best (And A Few Of The Worst) Podcasts of 2012

25 Dec

my top 5 comedy podcasts of 2012:

1. Nerdist – the best guests, affable host, and terrific co-hosts. the ultimate package.
2. Todd Glass Show
3. Monday Morning Podcast w Bill Burr
4. The Champs
5. Who Charted?

honorable mention: Smartest Man In The World
best year to year consistency: Jordan, Jesse Go
Kudos to a pod I’m just not into but respect: Comedy Bang Bang
props for sheer volume: Kevin Smith/Smodcast
Up and Coming Podcast: Four-Eyes and Beard (scott mosier and matt mira figure out if they like each other)

top 5 podcast guests for 2012:

1. Paul F Tompkins – the master of podcast guesting
2. Greg Proops
3. Adam Carolla
4. Jordan Morris
5. Pete Holmes

Best Video Games Podcast: Indoor Kids
Best Comics Podcast: Paperkeg
Best BSG Podcast: Radio Free Echo Rift
Best Politics Podcast: The Bugle
Best Advice Podcast: Savage Lovecast
Best ESPN Podcast: BS Report
Best Earwolf Podcast not involving Howard Kremer: How Did This Get Made?

Most Overrated Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron
Most Oversubscribed Podcast: Adam Carolla Show
Worst NPR Podcast: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Biggest Difference Between Each Episode (in regards to quality) : Joe Rogan Experience
Worst ESPN Podcast: Cowherd
Biggest Blowhard On The Interwebs: Penn Jillette on Penn’s Sunday School


Silent Bob Speaks

29 Apr

Love or hate his movies, Kevin Smith is a pretty enjoyable interview and an overall fun and funny dude.  Check out this short back-and-forth with a random talking head, where Smith opines about his book ‘My Boring Ass Life: The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith’.

Links for Linking

17 Mar

Traversing the internet for the best stuff in the past week:

New sites: Huff & Stapes, Ramblings, 1000 Awesome Things, A foot and a half

There was the must-see interview by Jon Stewart with Jim Cramer, where Stewart said ‘what the heck’ and Crame was all like ‘I know, I know’.
Then there was Philliesflow breaking down the Phillies in yet another meaningful way.
And Joaquin Phoenix decided to ‘attack’ a ‘fan’, and Film Junk breaks it down.
Lee Stranahan of BobCesca.com interview Kevin Smith. Part 1, Part 2.
Phil Hellmuth spouts off while playing (and losing) online poker.  Pure gems inside.
Glenn Beck may actually think the X-Files was a documentary or something.
CBS is releasing its own version of The Office, re-done for its audience!
Finally, True Hoop put up a terrific assessment of playoff benches. The conclusion about the Sixers is theirs ain’t flashy, but they all know their roles.