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Game 5 Phillies Vs Dodgers: King Cole Hamels To Rule Them All

21 Oct

And his kingdom is Philadelphia.  Defend your throne, sir.


Phillies vs Dodgers Game 4: Power By Howard

19 Oct

Two run bombs are his specialty

Game 3 Phillies vs Dodgers: What Up With That?!

18 Oct

Ah yeah girl, I wanna take you in a spaceship…

Phillies v Dodgers Games 2: Pedro On The Mound

16 Oct

Pedro, you know what to do.  Just imagine 9 Don Zimmers out there.

Phillies Win Game 1 In Los Angeles

16 Oct

You! You! You!  You did it!

Manny Ramirez Took A PED: HGC

7 May

According to Will Carroll, Manny Ramirez has been suspended 50 games, to start immediately, for testing positive for a performance enhancer called HGC, which is used for infertility and causes men to synthesize testosterone.  Oh Manny.