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Saturday Morning Comics #72: Anthropomorphic

14 Apr

17471624-standard freddy-galvis-

QUESTION: Who is your favorite anthropomorphic superhero or comic book character?

Toymaster – Beta Ray Bill
Coiny – Detective Chimp; TMNT
Kyle! – Gorilla Grodd
Tugboat – Ch’p
Strike Master – Blacksad


Game Theorists


Toymaster – Dr. Fate’s 24k gold helmet; X-Men ’92 #1; Doctor Fate #1
Coiny – America vs JSA TP; Ghostbusters: Get Real #1; Howard the Duck: Complete Collection Vol 1
Kyle! – Bombshell’s Catwoman; Cover Girl Bleez statue; Garage Harley Quinn statue; 1872 #1
Silver Fox – Midnighter #1; Korvac Saga #1; Omega Men
Strike Master – Black Hammer #1; Strange Fruit #1; Giant Size Little Marvel AvX; Marvel Star Wars Covers Vol 1
Tugboat – Batman Animated Series Batmobile; Batman Adventure action figures; Megatron collectible


12 min – WEEKLY ROUNDUP – Man sues over PGX grading of a comic
– 28 min – Goku changes form in Dragon Ball Z
-29 min – FCBD on May 2nd, 2015; Ben Caldwell in attendance at 1up Collectibles
32min – PREVIEWS
57min – Southern Bastards #8
1:04min – Frankenstein #1
1:14min – Sinestro Annual #1
1:28min – Arkham Manor: Endgame #1
1:37min – Dying & the Dead #2
1:48min – Batman and Robin #40
1:55min – Zombies Hate Kung Fu #2
2:00min – Lady Killer #4


Saturday Morning Comics #67: Black Russians?

28 Feb

QUESTION: What is your favorite comic book Justice League member that is not a founding member?

Coiny – Booster Gold and Blue Beetle; Green Arrow
Strike Master – Cyborg
Toymaster – Guy Gardener
Tugboat – Guy Gardener
Silver Fox – Black Canary, Hippolyta

Raymond Garcia touches the face of his dead son Renato, dressed in a costume of comic book character Green Lantern, at a house in San Juan

Silver Fox – p110 Convergence New Teen Titans; p121 Wonder Woman 77 #1, p268 The Shield #1, p402 Bloodshot Reborn #1
Coin Op – p119 Convergence Infinity Inc; p122 Convergence Shazam!; p329 Masks 2 #1
Strike Master – p290 Copra Round Two; p111 Convergence Superboy and Legion of Superheroes; Fantastic Four #645 (LAST ISSUE); p262 Alamo Value Plus #1
Hijacker – p303 Ufology ; p138 Girl Who Play With Fire
Toymaster – p98 Convergence Green Lantern Parallax    p152 Jae Lee designer figures  p151 Batman Roxy Rocket action figure; p78 Deadpool #250
Kyle! – p155 Catwoman bust; p459 Zoom Reverse Flash hoodie; p476 Alien Queen Bottle Opener

– The Spirit is coming back
– Jim Starlin’s Dreadstar picked up by Universe Cable Productions
– discussion about Syfy shows
– Spawn can be used in Mortal Kombat X
– Batgirl has a TWIST!!!!
17:50min – PREVIEW PICKS
42min – Guardians 3000 #5
51min – Displacement
1:04min – Wild’s End #6
1:12min- Rai #6
1:20min – Mortal Kombat X #2
1:30min – The Humans #4
1:39min – Avengers #41
1:46min – Southern Bastards #7
1:52min – Pecan Pie recipe!!!!!!!!!
1:54min: X #22
2:06min – Injustice Year 3 #9
2:15min – Divinity #1

Saturday Morning Comics #63: Tube Insertion

29 Jan


QUESTION: What is your favorite ever story arc from your childhood or early teens?

Coin-op Chris – Hush
Silver Fox – Dark Phoenix Saga
Toymaster – A Lonely Place of Dying
Kyle! – Mad Love
Strike Master – Age of Apocalypse
Marco – Amalgam Universe crossover


Coin-Op – p147 Strange Sport Stories;   p155 Top Ten TPB;   Descender #1!!!
Strike Master – p291 Hit: 1957 #1;   p 294 Deep State Vol 1 TPB;  p14-15 All-New Hawkeye #1
Toymaster – p88 Convergence #0;  p 91 Earth One: Batman Vol 2;  p160 Motherbox!!!
Silver Fox – p96Justice League #40 movie variant; p270 The Fox #1;  p392 Ninjak #1
Hijacker – Southern Cross #1;   Red One #1; Secret Lobster Claws and Other Misfortunes
Kyle! – p102  Flash #40 movie cover;   p431 Star-Lord and Thanos chess pieces;  p535 Pop Vinyl Big Trouble
Marco – Spider-Gwen #1 ;  Wonder Woman Cover Girl statue

2 min – QUESTION
– Pied Piper will be on Flash!!!  Silver Fox is pumped
– Kyle! is feeling better!!!!!omega_sketch__static_shock_by_gavinsmith-d42vaue
– Marvel/Attack on Titan crossover will be released on FCBD
– Convergrence talk; Chip Kidd doing covers!
– X-Men: Apocalypse casting announcements
– Supergirl casting
– Milestone Comics is back!!!!! Static Shock anyone????
– 33 min – SECRET WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
– GOTHAM: Red Hood to appear

41 min – PREVIEWS
1:02 min – Justice League United #8
1:06 min – Conan/Red Sonja #1
1:11 min – Jupiter’s Legacy #5
1:16 min – Mortal Kombat X #1
1:28 min – Suicide Squad #6
1:33 min – X #21
1:39 min – Silver Surfer #8

1:55 min – Injustice: Year 3 #7

2:05 min – Grayson #6
2:11 min – Star Wars #1
2:18 min – Avengers #40


The 10 Best Graphic Novels Of 2014

3 Jan

NOTE: Of What I’ve read and not in specific order

1. Beautiful Darkness by Fabien Vehlmann and Kerascoet (Drawn & Quarterly) – Translated from Belgian comics, writer Vehlmann’s deep discussion of the human pecking order and what happens in a quasi-Lord of the Flies society is complemented with amazing artwork from the duo of Kerascoet. The watercolors and Disney-esque, old-school animated artwork infuses an eerie tone into the story, raising it into rarified air.  A must read.

2. Battling Boy: The Rise of Aurora West by Paul Pope, JT Petty and David Rubin (First Second) – Aurora West is a hero in training in a city besieged by monsters. Her family lineage puts her on the path but she must be the one to take it. The prequel to last year’s terrific Battling Boy, David Rubin capably parallels Paul Pope’s artwork while putting his own stamp on the action. One barely needs to read the words to understand the action, but what is written is terrific. It stands on its own two feet as a book about Aurora West but there are also hints of what’s to come in the Battling Boy series. A terrific series of books for the tween or adult in your life.

3. Andre The Giant: Life and Legend by Box Brown (First Second) – How much of Andre the Giant’s story is life and how much is legend is up to the reader to discern, which is sort of the point. So much of wrestling is in preserving how the business operates, ensuring a certain level of impenetrability that the public cannot pierce. That being said, this book recounts story after story of Andre interacting with the public, his family, his size and his health. Brown’s style lends to the cartoonish nature of wrestling (publicly anyhow), with sparse daring lines, letting the artwork stand there for all to see. Andre was larger than life, perhaps outshining even his own.

4. Through the Woods by Emily Carroll (Margaret McElderry Books) – My second-favorite book of 2014, it actually compiles several years of Carroll’s online horror works. Her art is evocative and distinct, brushed with care. The seeming lack of color in some stories actually makes the eye go towards the reds and blues, further accentuating a feeling of anxiety. Her stories give one goosebumps and lets the imagination go wild with what could possibly be until all is revealed (or isn’t revealed and lingers even more in the reader’s brain). Five full stories of dread. Enjoy. And keep a light on.

5. Ant Colony by Michael DeForge (Drawn & Quarterly) – Weird. Crazy. Imaginative. All these words can be used to describe this book, one where a group of ants live in an impossibly dark yet funny world. Told in a bunch of vignettes and various layouts (with homage to cartoon strips), DeForge uses incredible colors and hilarious character models to create his world. His work on Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time shines through in a much more adult manner.

6. Blacksad Amarillo by Juan Diaz Canales and Juanjo Guarnido (Dark Horse) – The newest Blacksad book takes the cat detective to the United States where he ends up investigating a murder in a deeply racist, deeply secretive town while also going some crazy writers who stole his car. The story stems from Guarnido’s amazing art. Every line is conveyed perfectly and the color is masterful. The way the anthropomorphic characters are modeled are so natural that the reader doesn’t even notice after a few pages. This is my favorite book of 2014, and a must-read for any fan of the either noir or crime.

7. The People Inside by Ray Fawkes (Oni Press) – Fawkes is now writing superhero comics, but he’s actually an accomplished artist and burst onto the scene with One Soul in 2011. The People Inside expands on the narrative ‘trick’ in that book, telling 24 individual stories and many more relationship stories all at once. Panels merge and break up as the people do as well. Panels blacken entirely until only one relationship, and one person, are left. Done with pen and ink, the innovative layout and the intense, true-to-life humanity within these pages make it a must-read for 2014.

8. This One Summer by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki (First Second) – Awago Beach is where Rose Wallace and her family vacation. It’s also where secrets let themselves loose and devastate everyone in their wake. A coming-of-age tale, the book is heavy while still being charming, the latter mostly coming through in her friend Windy.  A teenagers’ rather adult problems are at the periphery of Rose’s adventures, and she isn’t sure if she wishes to dive in. The color work in the piece is faded and with blue tints, denoting a time gone past. Jillian Tamaki is the artist, and she takes a humanistic style to her characters. The terrific double-page splashes are set at perfect junctures within the story and drawn with loving care by Tamaki. This book is a great read for any teenager unsure of that weird see-saw between childhood and adulthood.

9. Youth is Wasted by Noah Van Sciver (AdHouse Books) – Van Sciver’s most recent collection of short stories are deeply personal and discuss the idea that one is going nowhere and fast. He also weaves his way through mental despair, the drudgery of a nowhere job, and of course creating his own Brothers Grimm fairytale. Because of course he did. It’s in a very detailed, classic cartoon style, with exaggerated heads and decidedly un-flattering bodies. All in all, the reader is bound to find their favorite story here which they’ll re-read over and over again.

10. Spider-Man: Family Business by Mark Waid, James Robinson, Gabriele Dell’Otto and Werther Dell’Edera (Marvel) – Spider-Man has a sister?! Surely this will change things forever for our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man! Perhaps, perhaps not, but what we do get is an engaging tale involving a gregarious, wise-cracking Peter Parker, one of the best villains ever created in the Kingpin, and a new character named Teresa. Spy intrigue is not something one would normally ascribe to a Spidey book, but the stellar art by Dell’Otto (normally a cover artist due to the level of detail and time it takes to create his pages) and Dell’Edera really evoke a sense of the expansiveness of the story and the immediacy of the action. The painted style lends itself perfectly to creating the narrative. It’s certainly the best thing to come out of either of the ‘Big Two’ companies this year as far as graphic novels are concerned. Check it out.

Any others? Mention them below!

The Best Single Comics Issues of 2014

26 Dec

NOTE: Of what I’ve read

Daredevil #5 – Chris Samnee and Mark Waid figure out what happened to Foggy Nelson. Matt Murdock (Daredevil for those that don’t know!!!) figures it all out for us. I cried. What of it? It is the single best issue of 2014.

Starlight #1 – What happens to Flash Gordon after he returns? Will anyone believe him? Does he move on? What happens to the world he saves? And let’s say Goran Parlov draws the aftermath. This issue puts Parlov in the driver’s seat of an emotional roller coaster, with Mark Millar scripting lightly and allowing the story to breathe.

Sabrina #1 – Robert Hack’s art and Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa’s script create a world we do and don’t know; a world where Sabrina the Teenage Witch is living the normal teenage life and where the reader wants to know the history behind these witches and their rules. Her parents, what of them? This

Afterlife with Archie #4 – Depressing. Sad. Engrossing. All these describe this issue. I won’t spoil it beyond saying bring your tissues. Dammit.

Multiversity: Pax Americana – Comics at its very finest. A mainstream audience is introduced to multiple concepts, layers and breakdowns of both the superhero genre and the ideas behind political expediency, determinism, and fourth-dimensional storytelling. Frank Quitely puts on a tour de force. Perhaps the best drawn comic of the year.

Moon Knight #4 – Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire dominate this issue, what with the artwork telling the story of a buried corpse and its DMT-influence. Warren Ellis’ script lets the art flow, elaborate and engage the reader. A masterpiece in comics.

New Avengers #21 – Decisions, decisions. We found out who had the cojones and who didn’t. We found out who was willing to go far enough, and whether it was even worth it. An issue 21 issues in the making.

Animal Man #29 – Told in the manner of a fairy tale, the entire series gets encapsulated by Jeff Lemire’s engrossing and sumptuous artwork.

Wonder Woman #35 – The culmination of Azzarello and Chiang’s run, it unleashes all that is about Wonder Woman. Love, sacrifice and rehabilitation, this issue has it all. Chiang’s Diana is structurally perfect.

Southern Bastards #4 – Imagine you return to your hometown. This hometown you ran away from. This hometown run by a corrupt figure that goes by the name of Coach Boss and wants to strike you down for fear of an uprising. And imagine…he wins.  But, there is something that gives the reader hope. The second-best issue of 2014.

Saturday Morning Comics #59: Awards?

10 Dec

NOTE: The SMC crew will be deciding on the notations and then putting them up for YOU to vote on!!! Stay tune for our announcement.

Question: What was your favorite non-movie Star Wars character?
Kyle! – Asajj Ventress
COC – Dash Rendar
Silver Fox – Mara Jade
Toymaster – Darth Maul AFTER legs


5min – QUESTION plus Star Wars talk
11min – discussing our future Awards podcast
– Email us at saturdaymorningcomicspodcast@gmail.com
– Suicide Squad casting
– new Terminator trailer
– Ryan Reynolds confirmed as Deadpool
– Benedict Cumberbatch confirmed as Doctor Strange
– 25min – Flash/Arrow TV crossover discussion
– 34min – Dark Knight 3 from Frank Miller and Scott Snyder????
-36min – Awards discussion – the rules are the rules
– 40min – AXIS #6
– 42min – Superman/Wonder Woman #13 HATED IT
– 43:30min – Wonder Woman #37  HATED IT
– 45min – Teen Titans #4 HATED IT
– 49min – Zombie Tramp #4
– 58min – Gotham By Midnight #1 BUY IT
– 1:06min – Amazing X-Men #13
– 1:08min –  Daredevil #10
– 1:10min – Avengers World #16
– 1:13min – All-New Invaders #12
– 1:16min – Superior Iron Man #2 BUY IT
– 1:27min – Multiversity: Pax Americana BUY IT
– 1:35min – Ody-C #1
– 1:37min – BULLET ROUND: Scarlet Spiders #1, Delinquents, local comic shop talk
– 1:45min – Batwoman #36, Sensation Comics #4, BIonic Woman Season 4 #3, Captain Midnight #17
– 1:49min – Axis: Carnage #2
– 1:59min – COWL #6

Saturday Morning Comics #51: NY Comic-Con

12 Oct

NYCC, baby

Question: What toy commercial stood out to you?

SME – Super Soaker

Silver Fox – MEEGO toys

Tugboat – Crossfire!!!
COC – Crossfire!

Toymaster – Transformers!

3min – Wishing all the best to George Perez and family
–  no more network cartoons
– 27min – Retailer Insider – Halloween Comic-Fest
– 35min – Dark Circle Comics
– 37 min – The King Event from Dynamite
– 41 min – Fantastic Fourever?! Is FOX/Marvel the reason or storyline reason?
– 43 min – Secret Wars 2015: Jonathan Hickman Esad Ribic
– 47 min – Flash, Arrow, Gotham, SHIELD discussion
– 57 min – Green Lantern Godhead/Green Lantern Corps #35
– 1:12 min – Grayson #3
-1:18 min – Captain Midnight Vol 3  MUST READ
– 1:28 min – Winter Soldier #1
– 1:37 min – Skies of Fire #1 kickstarter
– 1:49 min – Silver Surfer #6
– 1:57 min – Armor Hunters: Aftermath
– 2:11 min – Captain America #25
– 2:21 min – Gotham Academy #1 MUST BUY
– 2:29 min – Uncanny Avengers #25  – Rogue is from Mississippi, not Louisiana
– 2:38 min – Leaving Megalopolis   MUST BUY