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Joel Pineda Should Quit At Cheating While He’s Behind

24 Apr

It’s the second time he’s been caught cheating against the Boston Red Sox, and this time it’s not obvious AT ALL. Blink and you’ll miss the foreign substance:



You Too Can Be A Professional Athlete! Bartolo Colon edition

21 Apr


Five Years Since Harry Kalas Passed Away

13 Apr

Great tribute from Comcast Sportnet:

And our initial post when he abruptly passed away that fateful day in DC.


I’ll never forget 1993. I’ll never forget 2008. I’ll never forget his home run call for Michael Jack. ┬áHere’s to you, Harry.

The Law Firm of BABIP, VORP, & Eckstein

26 Oct

Pedro Has You Where He Wants You

4 Nov

Jheri Curl Power!

Game 4 Of The World Series: Going For The Philly Sports Sweep

1 Nov

Eagles did the deed, now it’s your turn Phils. Do it for Ben Franklin. CC ain’t got nothin’ on you.

You’re On Our Turf Now

30 Oct

We gonna lose? I don’t think so. Don’t get your hopes up, Yankees fans. Cole is on the prowl for some strikeouts.