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My Reason To Exist, Chris Wheeler, ‘Steps Down’

8 Jan

They let the wrong man go. Chris Wheeler, 37-year veteran of the Philadelphia Phillies broadcasts, took a step back from the mic and ‘stepped down’ today. Gary ‘Sarge’ Matthews also was given the unceremonious boot. ‘Tis a sad day for unintentional comedy fans. At first, this blog hated Chris Wheeler. We marveled at his oft repeated phrasesand wondered how bad Sarge would be. But, time came and went, the Phillies won the World Series, and our cold, black hearts melted a little for ol’ Chris. He danced for joy. He loved him some Phillies. He was a fan that got lucky enough to get paid to broadcast for his favorite team. He’ll never be mistaken for a great broadcaster, and will eventually be forgotten by most of the fan base, but he was a great fan. He had fun out there. And there isn’t much more this blog can ask for someone.

Godspeed, Wheels.

And fuck you Tom McCarthy.


Cole Hamels, 1, The Phanatic, And A Mustache Fire Hot Dogs At A Baseball Game

30 Mar

that ol’ joke


Jayson’s Werth’s Beard Is Better Than You

22 Feb


I bow to your greatness, sir.

Pedro Has You Where He Wants You

4 Nov

Jheri Curl Power!

Game 4 Of The World Series: Going For The Philly Sports Sweep

1 Nov

Eagles did the deed, now it’s your turn Phils. Do it for Ben Franklin. CC ain’t got nothin’ on you.

You’re On Our Turf Now

30 Oct

We gonna lose? I don’t think so. Don’t get your hopes up, Yankees fans. Cole is on the prowl for some strikeouts.

Game Two

29 Oct

Pedro Martinez.  New Yankee Stadium.  Let history repeat.   I trust in him, do you?

Get to AJ Burnett early and make him throw pitches.  This game is the Phillies’ to lose.  The Phillies already have the Yankees reeling.  They’re throwing everything they can at the Phils.