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Saturday Morning Comcis #59: Reboot

13 Dec

editor’s note: Ray Fawkes on twitter stated that Ben Templemsith WILL be on Gotham By Midnight #3 and that they reports were wrong.

QUESTION: What is your favorite cartoon based off a science fiction movie?
SME – Men in Black
Kyle! – Rico’s Roughnecks
Toymaster – Rico’s Roughnecks
COC – Real Ghostbusters
Silver Fox – Planet of the Apes

SME – p326 Intelligent Sentient? (Drawn & Quarterly), p337 Saint Cole (Fantagraphics), p47 Thor Annual #1 (Marvel)
Kyle! – HARLEY QUINN VARIANTS p101,p84, p143 Harley Quinn Covergirls statue (DC), p249 Holy F*ck #3 (Action Lab)
Toymaster – p131 The Suiciders #1 (Vertigo), p384 Divinity #1 (Valiant), p496 GOTG 7in Baby Groot
COC – p3 Darth Vader #1 (Marvel), p43 EI8HT #1 (Dark Horse), p448 Jay and Silent Bob Monopoly
Silver Fox – p438 Northstar T-shirt, p382 Imperium #1 (Valiant), p257 Black Hood #1 (Archie)


2 min – QUESTION
– Teen Titans will film in 2015, Nightwing leads the team
– Krypton TV show announced
– G Willow Wilson now exclusive with Marvel
– Scarlet Witch/Quicksilver are NOT mutants
– Free Comic Book Day!!!
– Tom Taylor is leaving Injustice: Gods Among Us
– Zombie Tramp #5 1up Collectibles cover HOLIDAY SPECIAL; in-store Dec 19th
– 51min – ARROW/Flash/SHIELD Discussion
1:04 min – NOMINATIONS For Best of 2014 are Up HERE
1:06 min – Secret Six #1
1:12 min – Superior Foes of Spider-Man #17
1:22 min – Justice League 3000 #12
1:27 min – Grayson #5   MUST BUY
1:36 min – Men of Wrath #3  MUST BUY
1:50 min – The Autumnlands: Tooth and Claw #2
1:58 min – Eternal Warrior: Days of Steel #2
2:07 min – Injustice: Gods Among Year Three #5
2:16 min – Gotham Academy #3
2:22 min – The Delinquents #4
2:32 min – Angela #1


Saturday Morning Comics #57 : Smurfing Thanksgiving

22 Nov

QUESTION: We wax philosophical on the Smurfs. Toymaster shows his Smurfs knowledge.


4min – QUESTION – more of a discussion on Smurf nature
– Solicits for February: Darth Vader begins; Spider-Gwen #1 starts; Elektra, She-Hulk, Magnus: Robot Fighter ending; Art Adams doing interiors on GOTG Team-Up; The Art of He-Man from Dark Horse; Art of Michael Turner’s Batman
– 16min – TV discussion: Flash, Agents of SHIELD (Kree!!!!), Arrow
– 19min – Chris Pratt may star in Cowboy Ninja Viking
– 23min – Imperium/Divinity coming from Valiant in February
– 25min – Mondo Batman prints
     – 30min – Attack on Titan live-action visuals unveiled
     – 32min – More Flash talk!!! BECAUSE WE LOVE THIS SHOW
38min – The Resurrectionists #1
45min – Wytches #2  MUST BUY
1:00 min – Weird Love #4
1:07 min – Silver TPB  from Dark Planet Comics
1:15min – AXIS: Hobgoblin #2  COC RECOMMENDATION
1:20min – GOTG 3000
1:27min – Men of Wrath #2
1:35min – Suicide Squad #4  whither Jeremy Roberts??? plus some Convergence discussion
1:47min – She-Hulk #10
2:03min – Tooth & Claw #1

Saturday Morning Comics #48: Whiper Snapers

20 Sep

It’s Saturday Morning and we all know what that means. It’s time to plug in those headphones for another week of laughs and reviews. Could this week spell the end for one of our greatest podcasters? Could this mornings show go down in history as one of the best? I guess you’ll half to tune in and find out for yourself.

Q: What was your favorite cartoon that had an ape in it?
COC: Justice League Unlimited – Gorilla Grodd
Kyle!: Laugh Olympics – Magilla Gorilla
Silver Fox: Challenge of the Super-Friends – Gorilla Grodd
SME:  Curious George is a monkey you idiot!!!!
Toymaster:  Hanna Barbera cartoons – Grape Ape

7min – Why does Dynamite cancel all these books???
-Booster Gold/Blue Beetle are BACK! In…Justice League 3000
– Andrea Sorrentino is drawing the Uncanny/All-New X-Men annuals in December
– Brandon Routh will be getting ‘smaller’ for Atom
– Wonder Girl is BACK in Wonder Woman when the Finches take over
– Captain Boomerang has been cast in Arrow
-23 min in: Would you pay for a superhero channel or a Marvel or DC channel???
– Lucifer is going to be a TV show on FOX
– Excited for the upcoming Gotham show3995254-0+uncanny_x-men_annual_1_cover_.jpg

29min – Pariah Vol 1   KICKSTART Vol 2
42min – Death of Wolverine #2
49min – Black Market #3
58min – Avengers Undercover #10
68min – Wild’s End #1
77min – Copperhead #1
88min – Six Million Dollar Man #6 – SAVE THIS BOOK
102min – Injustice Year Two #11
116min – The Long Ranger: Vol 1 from Dynamite
124min – Through The Woods by Emily Carroll
132min – discussing All-New Captain America’s potential sales
136min – Justice League United: Futures End #1
147min – Suicide Squad: Futures End #1

Saturday Morning Comics #42: Sing Along

9 Aug

Brought to you by 1up Collectibles

Silver Fox’s picks:
3. Hawkeye #19
2. Uncanny Avengers #22 BUY
1. Justice League #32

SME’s picks:
3. New Avengers #21
2. COWL #3 BUY
1. Black Science #7 BUY

COC’s picks:
3. Bodies #1
2.Sinestro #4: BUY
1. Doc Savage #8 BUY

Question of the week: What is your favorite anime???
SF – Gatchaman
COC – Ultimate Muscle
SME – Attack on Titan
Toymaster – Ghost in the Shell or Dragonball Z

8 min: Question
19min: COMICS – Bodies #1
28min: Hawkeye #19
38min: New Avengers #21
44min: Aquaman v Namor discussion
51min: how ordering comics works
1:09min: Sinestro #4
1:16min: Uncanny Avengers #22
1:26min: COWL #3
1:37min: Doc Savage #8, final issue
1:49min: Justice League #32
1:58min: Black Science #7

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Echo Rift is Dead. For Real. They Mean It.

5 Mar

Will they be reborn? I don’t think so. Nothing dead ever comes back. There will be no phoenix moment for these two, no rebirth. No retribution.  The end has happened. The circle is closed.

Just wondering which podcast I will send my letters to now? Decisions, decisions.

Repping Hall of Heroes

31 May

A new podcast made by a friend: Hall of Heroes

The Best (And A Few Of The Worst) Podcasts of 2012

25 Dec

my top 5 comedy podcasts of 2012:

1. Nerdist – the best guests, affable host, and terrific co-hosts. the ultimate package.
2. Todd Glass Show
3. Monday Morning Podcast w Bill Burr
4. The Champs
5. Who Charted?

honorable mention: Smartest Man In The World
best year to year consistency: Jordan, Jesse Go
Kudos to a pod I’m just not into but respect: Comedy Bang Bang
props for sheer volume: Kevin Smith/Smodcast
Up and Coming Podcast: Four-Eyes and Beard (scott mosier and matt mira figure out if they like each other)

top 5 podcast guests for 2012:

1. Paul F Tompkins – the master of podcast guesting
2. Greg Proops
3. Adam Carolla
4. Jordan Morris
5. Pete Holmes

Best Video Games Podcast: Indoor Kids
Best Comics Podcast: Paperkeg
Best BSG Podcast: Radio Free Echo Rift
Best Politics Podcast: The Bugle
Best Advice Podcast: Savage Lovecast
Best ESPN Podcast: BS Report
Best Earwolf Podcast not involving Howard Kremer: How Did This Get Made?

Most Overrated Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron
Most Oversubscribed Podcast: Adam Carolla Show
Worst NPR Podcast: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Biggest Difference Between Each Episode (in regards to quality) : Joe Rogan Experience
Worst ESPN Podcast: Cowherd
Biggest Blowhard On The Interwebs: Penn Jillette on Penn’s Sunday School