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Hurry! And Get that Rabbitoid Knight #2

12 Dec

It’s that time again, Hurry the Rabbitoid Knight #2 has been released, and it’s pretty sweet. Get that Knight!


catch up with #1


Hurry: The Rabbitoid Knight Is A Hit! In China!

19 Oct

Comxiology released their weekly rankings, and Hurry: The Rabbitoid Knight is hittin’ the charts:


1. Avengers Academy #32 ¥12.00
2. Detective Comics (2011-) #24 ¥25.00
3. Hurry: Adventures of the Rabbitoid Knight Vol. 1 #1 ¥6.00
4. Transmetropolitan #19 ¥12.00
5. Transmetropolitan #18 ¥12.00
6. Batman: Arkham Unhinged #3 ¥6.00
7. Batman #1 ¥12.00
8. Batman: Arkham Unhinged #4 ¥6.00
9. Batman/Superman (2013-) #1 ¥18.00
10. Transmetropolitan #17 ¥12.00

Those Echo Rift fellas must be happy…

The Best (And A Few Of The Worst) Podcasts of 2012

25 Dec

my top 5 comedy podcasts of 2012:

1. Nerdist – the best guests, affable host, and terrific co-hosts. the ultimate package.
2. Todd Glass Show
3. Monday Morning Podcast w Bill Burr
4. The Champs
5. Who Charted?

honorable mention: Smartest Man In The World
best year to year consistency: Jordan, Jesse Go
Kudos to a pod I’m just not into but respect: Comedy Bang Bang
props for sheer volume: Kevin Smith/Smodcast
Up and Coming Podcast: Four-Eyes and Beard (scott mosier and matt mira figure out if they like each other)

top 5 podcast guests for 2012:

1. Paul F Tompkins – the master of podcast guesting
2. Greg Proops
3. Adam Carolla
4. Jordan Morris
5. Pete Holmes

Best Video Games Podcast: Indoor Kids
Best Comics Podcast: Paperkeg
Best BSG Podcast: Radio Free Echo Rift
Best Politics Podcast: The Bugle
Best Advice Podcast: Savage Lovecast
Best ESPN Podcast: BS Report
Best Earwolf Podcast not involving Howard Kremer: How Did This Get Made?

Most Overrated Podcast: WTF with Marc Maron
Most Oversubscribed Podcast: Adam Carolla Show
Worst NPR Podcast: Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me
Biggest Difference Between Each Episode (in regards to quality) : Joe Rogan Experience
Worst ESPN Podcast: Cowherd
Biggest Blowhard On The Interwebs: Penn Jillette on Penn’s Sunday School