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Michael Carter Williams Sez Welcome To the Future

30 Oct

We’ve got fun and games


15 Aug


Links For Linking

29 Jun

New links: We’re The Team To Beat, gman Reviews, Bitmob

Olivia Munn. There are no words.

Seems Jrue Holiday doesn’t have a fan over at Liberty Ballers.  Synopsis: he’s not sure of him as a player and thinks it was the wrong pick if the Sixers are trying to take the next leap NOW instead of two years from now.  Fair points.

Who the hell is starting for the Philadelphia Phillies on Thursday??? NO IDEA. Reading Phils outfielder Michael Taylor fields questions from PhoulBallz.com.  Where the heck were the wrestling questions, Ballz?

Ambition, Impatience and Sloth asks why it’s so damn tough to get anything done on healthcare.  Answer: BLAME THE SYSTEM!

Adeel the Canadian discusses Korean society. I’d say more but I only feel comfortable around those of a similar age to mine.

Film Junk reviews Tranformers: Revenge of the Fallen. Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

Sixers Fans, Feel The Pain. Embrace It.

25 Feb

Bask in it. Learn from it.  It’s happened eight times this season.  A buzzer-beater has poked and prodded our very cause for being.  The Sixers test us, they do.  They will NOT break us, oh no!  They will make us stronger.  We will come out of this season better fans, ready to face the future! Forge ahead brothers and sisters of the court, this team shall not destroy us.  If they strike us down, we shall become more powerful than they could ever imagine!

Gearing Up For The NBA Slam Dunk Contest

13 Feb

Andre in 2006 with the behind the backboard dunk!  He got robbed!

Sixers Squeak By Grizzlies, The All-Star Break Cometh

12 Feb

All-star break link!

Sixers Extinguish The Suns 108-91

10 Feb

out with the old, in with the speights

Pacers Fall To Sixers, Brand’s Fall Has Him Out For The Season

6 Feb

Down you go, click

Ray Allen Is Killing Me Not So Softly

4 Feb

I’ve replayed this over five times.  I enjoy the pain.

Elton Brand Is Out A Month

19 Dec

That’s the prognosis on his shoulder injury. Expect Marreese Speights and Reggie Evans to receive more playing time, and expect coach Tony DiLeo to be forced to give Sam Dalembert 30+ minutes a game again.

Elton Brand Hurt, Andre Iguodala Missing In Action, Sixers Win!

18 Dec


Mo Cheeks, Class To The End

16 Dec

Classy out the assy

other similar takes I swear I didn’t read before I wrote the above: Martin Frank, 700 Level

Mo Cheeks Canned, Fired, And Gone

13 Dec

Seeya Mo

If You Forgot The Sixers/Cavs First Matchup…

9 Dec

courtesy The Big Lead:

Previewing The Upcoming Sixers/Cavaliers Games

9 Dec

Click here


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