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Mayweather Punchout

3 May

Saturday Morning Comics #52: Back From The Con

18 Oct

Question: Which iconic cartoon characters have lasted to this day?
SME – Scooby Doo; Mickey Mouse
COC – Batman
Kyle! – Looney Tunes
Toymaster – Superman



– DC/Warner Brothers reveal their slate of coming movies
   – discussing Marvel’s movies
– GOTG cracks 700 million world-wide, beating Man of Steel
– 25 min – Kyle! reports on NYC Comic-Con

38  min – Batgirl #35
44 min – New Suicide Squad #3
53 min – Axis #1
1:09 min – Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #1
1:15 min – Zombie Tramp #3  MUST BUY
1:22 min – Nailbiter Vol 1
1:33 min – Wytches #1  MUST BUY
1:44 min – Men of Wrath #1 MUST BUY

Bill Clinton’s Entire DNC 2012 Speech

6 Sep

Courtesy CNN

Easy Youtube Post #Fiffy Two

15 Jul

Yo, we is watchin’ our main man Ali G on his show. Check it:

Boy Meets World Mondays!!!

29 Jun

Remember the time Cory and Shawn had a friend who had a problem at home but couldn’t go to the cops?  This is my serious business face.

The Best MTV Video Music Awards Performance Ever

20 May

And I don’t think it’s even close. 1992, a little band named Nirvana played a song called Lithium in front of a pumped audience.  Frontman Kurt Cobain gave a little heart attack to the executives of MTV when he played a bit of the intro to Rape Me before going into Lithium.  Krist Novoselic went nuts and threw his guitar up in the air.  Watch what happens! This band rocked, plain and simple.

Play Haley Off, Keyboard Cat

15 May

I laughed so hard I cried.